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The trailblazing concept of ClicktoSave flooring was envisioned by 3rd generation flooring specialists who grew up immersed in the floor covering industry.

Back in 2005, their vision of bringing e-commerce to the flooring industry was ignited. Yet they also understood that floor covering is risky to purchase online…. people want to see and touch it to know if it is the right product for them. So they came up with the perfect hybrid of the online and showroom shopping experience.

People were initially skeptical. As time passed, however, it became apparent that there was indeed a need for this unique approach to shopping for floor covering. They pooled their expertise with a group of other flooring experts, and carefully crafted a revolutionary new purchasing experience for the consumer. Featuring the best of both worlds, ClicktoSave delivers the enormous cost savings, low pressure, and convenience of purchasing online, and the confidence, quick turnaround, and security of local showrooms and delivery.

Because the self-service showrooms are unstaffed and fairly basic, operating costs are very low, resulting in tremendous price savings for you. There are no high pressure salesmen to worry about. You can order your flooring online, or at the showroom. You can pick it up at the local warehouse (sometimes even the same day), or you can have the warehouse deliver it right to your home. You can install the flooring yourself, find an installer on your own, or select from a list of certified installation contractors on the website. It’s groundbreaking. It’s forward-thinking. And it’s the way of the future. Welcome to ClicktoSave.