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Whether you prefer a professional to do the installation or you are a do-it-yourselfer, ClicktoSave has everything you need to get your project done right, at a fraction of the cost.

To keep prices down, the ClicktoSave process requires that customers arrange for their own product installation. This can be accomplished by using an installer you already know, finding an installer using online resources, or installing the product yourself.

Professional Installation

Many people prefer to use a professional installer, to ensure that the project gets done properly and quickly. By arranging for and overseeing your own installation, ClicktoSave will be able to give you the lowest possible price on your flooring. 

You will work directly with the installer to arrange all scheduling, measuring, payments, etc. You can expect that your professional installer will also include pickup and delivery of the flooring materials from our warehouse to your home in his quoted price.

You may have a favorite installer you wish to use on your project. If not, here are a few links to good places to find professional flooring installers. 

International Certified Flooring Installers






Note that by referring you to these websites, ClicktoSave does not assume any responsibility for the installer or his/her services, pricing, or performance. 

DIY Installation

Some people prefer to do the installation themselves (Do It Yourself, or DIY). Below are some helpful resources for completing a variety of flooring-related projects on your own. These links provide helpful information, but, as with any DIY project, they are not a guarantee of outcome.


If you are installing the floor covering yourself, you can pick up your materials at a local warehouse, after your order has been completed. Often orders can be processed and picked up within the same day of placing the order. You will receive the address of the closest warehouse as you are completing your order on the checkout screen.


If you are installing the flooring yourself and have no way to transport the product from the warehouse to your home, there are delivery companies who will contract to do that for you. Here are a few local options. There are also many national companies that specialize in moving and delivery, as additional options.

CompanyPhone #Link to Website
Wasatch Moving Company(801)592-1408Website
Best of Utah Moving Company(801)871-5221Website
Two Men and a Truck(801)396-0491Website
Helping Hands Moving and Maids(801)562-0093Website
Smart Move Utah(801)860-4342Website

By sharing this list of resources, ClicktoSave does not assume any responsibility for the pricing, performance, or service of these moving companies. The list is simply provided as a convenience to you.